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Sustainability “Graphic Circles”

With this Big Picture you can quickly and easily give an overview of the learning formats in your company. After ordering, we customise the picture with your content. The following are included:
• Compilation and integration of up to 10 appropriate scenes that represent your content. (The example image shown here has 8 scenes).
• adaptation of the platforms
• integration of your logo
• set headline • set of scene captions
• customisation of the colour combination, headline and background if desired
• a change loop for alternative scene suggestions and corrections

The Big Picture is supplied as a Medium Web Picture with a resolution of 4,535×2,551 pixels at 72 dpi. It is licensed to the client and may be used by the client in the supplied form worldwide and in digital media.

The integration of further scenes and the creation of supplementary roll-out media including usage licenses can be booked. Explanations and examples can be found under MEDIA. For non-binding advice and an individual offer, simply write to us at

The effects of climate change are becoming more and more noticeable and the pressure to act is increasing – also for companies. Because employees want the company they work for to have a social responsibility.

Depending on the type of company, the industry, its own value chain and the product portfolio, there are levers with very different characteristics. Despite the massive differences and thus the scope for influence, there are at least small measures in every company that can be taken to make a positive contribution. It is also about setting an example and motivating your own employees, who in turn can make a difference overall.

With the big picture “Small Steps, Great Effect”, the measures can be summarized at a glance. The viewer learns what needs to be done and is inspired to participate. Whether it is a far-reaching change in one’s own supply chain or a change in the building IT that automatically lowers the electricity costs of the headquarters.

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