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Energy Saving Picture Household

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Small measures, big effect: with the energy saving picture, you collect ideas and identify measures that can significantly reduce your energy consumption in the short term.

It is often said that small energy-saving measures in the private sector cannot really make a difference. Here are two impulses:

  1. If you manage to reduce the energy costs in your household by 10-20%, you will definitely have a saving effect on your household budget.
  2. If the measures are implemented not only by one household, but by many households, the leverage for the environment will also be greater.

Here are some figures: 29% of the total energy consumption in Germany is accounted for by private households. A household in a multi-family house can save 320 euros in electricity costs per year. In a single-family house even 410 euros per year! 67% of our household energy consumption is used for heating. The greatest potential for savings therefore lies in heating and hot water.*

According to the Federal Office of Statistics, there will be over 40 million households in Germany alone in 2021.

Worldwide, it is somewhat more difficult to define the number of households that can take similar energy-saving measures. We therefore took a look at how many households there are with a TV set. The number was 1.63 billion** in 2018.

*Source: German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection.

**Source: Statista

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