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Whiteboard Worlds

Our whiteboard worlds imaginatively bring your topic to an online whiteboard. For impressive presentations in a digital environment, but also for independent exploration, learning and editing by individuals or teams, they offer completely new possibilities. They are suitable for all common online whiteboards such as Miro, Mural, Conceptboard etc.

How such a whiteboard world looks and works, we explain to you in a 30-45 minute video call, with a whiteboard world that we have developed to present ourselves. Afterwards you will receive the link and access to this world and can explore and test it at your leisure to all or with your team. Just write a message to contact@big-pictury.com or use the contact form with the button “Price on request”.

Due to the pandemic and thus increased digital and hybrid collaboration, online whiteboards are becoming more and more popular in companies. And rightly so: the infinite digital boards offer unlimited possibilities. They are suitable for presenting, editing, reflecting and communicating small and large topics. An individual can present using the board or explore topics on their own, and one or more groups can work on a topic simultaneously. From presentations to workshops to large group events, the boards can be used for a variety of occasions and formats. Not only in digital environments, but also in hybrid and presence environments, where participants work together digitally and results can be distributed and further processed much faster.

Online whiteboards are also particularly well suited for working with visualization in them. Many online whiteboard providers already offer simple elements such as post-its, integration of images and videos, geometrical shapes and graphic canvasses. However, the large areas are also particularly suitable for taking advantage of more complex visualizations.

To help you take full advantage of your whiteboard tools, we have now developed a new product area: Big Pictury Whiteboard Worlds.

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