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Employee Life Cycle Success Story

Communicate your complex topic quite simply with a big picture. You can use the picture in personal formats and conversations or as a self-explanatory digital medium. Together we will develop a Big Picture that is customised to your needs and your company. This includes

  • Adaptation of the selected background template or development of further suggestions
  • Detailed scenes that visualise your content
  • Incorporation of your corporate design (fonts, colours, logos)
  • Change loops for alternative scene suggestions and corrections
  • Additional roll-out media to support your communication with the big picture

You can find out more about the development process here. For a non-binding consultation and a customised offer, simply write to us at contact@big-pictury.com or use the inquiry form. We look forward to hearing more about your project!

Employer branding is not just a recruitment tool, but a holistic strategy that helps companies to position themselves as a preferred employer brand. This not only promotes the attraction of talent, but also their loyalty to the company. In times of a shortage of skilled workers, companies cannot afford to do without a well thought-out employer branding strategy.

Our approach to employer branding is characterized by the integration of the “Employee Life Cycle”. This concept maps the entire life cycle of an employee in the company – from recruitment and induction to further development and finally departure. An effective design of this cycle is crucial in order to motivate and retain employees in the long term.

We provide this general Employee Life Cycle Big Picture free of charge as an impulse for your work. You can use the picture to gather inspiration for the individual phases and collect ideas for the development of your own Employee Life Cycle. You can order the free Big Picture via email: contact@big-pictury.com

We will be happy to develop your very own Employee Life Cycle Big Picture from this template together with you. The picture will be provided in your corporate design and with your content so that you can use it in your work with your employer branding colleagues and, even more importantly, in your work with existing and future employees to show them your development opportunities.

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